Web Design Services

building smartphone friendly websites

Areea is a sotware development company that specializes in creating stylish, smartphone friendly websites. Areea takes the extra step by offering programming services to meet the needs of just about any business. If you're looking for a website that does something more, for instance: takes orders online for you, allows customers to schedule their own reservations or appointments, allows customers to upload their own audio/video files, sends text messages upon a pre-determined event, then a custom application is what you need. Many scripts have already been written, so a custom website may be a lot less expensive than you think. Use this contact form to contact the firm.

Here are a few templates Areea offers. These demos are simply a starter kit for a new site. The menus in these templates can be linked to an online order system, appointment maker, or whatever application you need.

Sample Food Store

Bakery Template

Sample Pizza/Restaurant

Pizza/Restaurant Demo

Sample Service Business

Real Estate Template

Sample Night Club Website

Night Club Template

Sample Construction Website

Construction Template

Sample Online Order System

Online Order System Application
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Database Applications

Customized systems to meet your needs

If you have a business with many employees, keeping track of days and time off, keeping track of jobs or projects being worked on or completed, keeping track of expenses associated with particular jobs or specific projects, can all be a real administrative burden. With the right management software in place, your employees could enter their own data thru their smart-phones or from their own computer. A properly designed system that meets the needs of your business could save both you and your employees time, thus allowing you and your employees to be more productive. Areea is a software development company that has extensive experience with database applications. Use the contact form link to contact the firm and discuss your business needs.

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Web Hosting

Web Hosting on our Virtual Private Server

As a software development company, Areea offers Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting. Why is "VPS" better than "Shared" hosting. Shared hosting means your website is installed on a server that is typically shared with many websites. At times, other websites could be using much of the resources on that server causing your site to be unavailable. With VPS hosting, you'll be allocated a specific portion of the server that no one else can use: what that means is your site will be available for your viewers when they click on your domain name. Areea offers different VPS plans that depend upon the resources that your site requires and the amount of traffic you expect your site to have. Plans start at $10 per month. Contact Areea to discuss which is the right plan for your specific needs.

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SEO Services

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is the concept of improving your website's ability to be found in search engines. Being found in search engines can be critical for many businesses to succeed. They are basically two ways for your site to be found in search engines: one is pay per click advertising and the other is being found in organic search results. Pay per click advertising provides immediate results; however, this type of advertising can be costly. While your other option is getting your site listed in organic search results, this takes several factors to achieve and usually takes longer to see results. In the long run, this method is usually more desirable, since you won't pay for: cost per clicks. Areea is a software development company and advertising business that offers for both of these options. Let Areea get you started today with a personalized online advertising campaign. Use the contact-us link to contact the firm.

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